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Creditors' Rights

Creditors' Rights

Our debt collection practice is organized such that debts are recovered in an efficient and expeditious manner, thereby minimizing the overall costs to our clients.  Our collection attorneys handle debt collection matters with the utmost professionalism.   

Our collection attorneys are able to provide clients with a "one stop shop" for all your collection needs.  In this regard, we are able to give debt collection matters full coverage prior to, during, and subsequent to litigation.  Our debt collection attorneys are heavily involved in all aspects of case treatment.   

Notably, the law firm has a vast legal forwarding network of competent out of state debt collection attorneys with whom collegial relationships have been developed.  The network attorneys assist us with litigation and debt collection in their respective states.  Penrod | Swenson is currently representing or assisting clients in Missouri, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska and New Mexico.  

Often times, our collection attorneys handle debt collection matters based on contingent-fee arrangements.  This means that payment for our legal services depends, or is contingent, upon there being some monetary recovery in a debt collection matter.  The payment is then a percentage of the recovered amount.  Notably, our network attorneys also typically handle debt collection matters in a similar manner. 

Penrod | Swenson stands ready to represent you in any collection action you may have.  Give us a call today!